I can’t believe this has arrived so quickly. Five very short weeks ago, I started working with this super talented bunch on bringing these ideas to life. Yes, like all things new and ideary, there’s been struggles, pivots, and solid work in driving towards today’s pitch day, and I’m super proud of each and every team in the way their projects have come to life.

In the end, it was a tight three way discussion battle with each judge debating the merits of Clubhouse (Talk Tank), Team is Everything (Glympse), and Tiny Dancers (Lava). While we thought each would ambitious ideas, in the end we decided that Clubhouse took the prize, simply because they had validated their idea so well, and proven that yes, there’s a reason for it to exist.

It was a super tough thing to do, and rather akin to choosing one of your babies to be superior to others. All of the teams performed in an exemplary way.