This year, I decided that I needed a new site to showcase not only what I think about, but also to include work into an online portfolio to sell myself better. It’s been a while deciding on the form it should take, what I should include, and after many years of blogging (somewhat infrequently) what platform it should be based on to give myself the greatest flexibility my skills allow.

Settling with Jekyll, I decided that it was the time to refresh my front end skills (though rather limited to begin with), and get to grips with hosting through Github pages. As a new novice, this wasn’t the absolute simplest thing to do, but it’s certainly taught me a lot so far, and from here, there’s loads more to learn.

So, to the lean approach. I’ve never read the book, but through my experience both agency/service side and in a start up, I’ve become familiar with the process through exposure. This means that I’ve decided to build on this site from a basic standpoint and architecture, and roll out the design and augmentation while I also continue to write content.

In preparation of this point, for the last 6 months, I’ve been writing posts that have been neatly stored somewhere on my machine, in both a complete and unfinished form, waiting for the time that they could be unleashed. So you’ll be seeing some posts older than this one, all designed to give me a head start in getting this project somewhere near complete.

Expect to see the design change, and new content to be added. All a very exciting thing for me to do.