While it’s the big day, where we’re all waiting to see what Apple unveil for the iPhone and iOS, I’ve been browsing Product Hunt, and spotted a couple of cool emoji based things you might like.

You’re probably all more than aware that I’m fond of emoji. It’s a recent obsession, and while my tweets and IMs aren’t filled with them, I love the way the format has progressed, from cute typographical elements into truly beautiful designs. For me, emojione is the absolute best, as I love the flat aesthetic applied. It’s exciting to think about how these will progress.

Designer Emoji

Taking the design cue from Emojione, this little set delivers a cute collection relevant to most designers working today. Enjoy.


Emoji CSS

Include a stylesheet in your head and then call any emoji into the text you’re writing using tags. Pretty cool, unless you’re using something else.



One for the jekyll heads: Install this gem (and yes, it’s friendly with Github Pages) and then bring any emoji into your text using Emoji Codes. Stylable in CSS too - it’s how I use emoji in blog posts.