Over the years, I’ve written a lot of content in a sporadic fashion. I used to write a popular music blog which ten years ago, had 8000 uniques per month. I’ve since dabbled in blogging from time to time, but I haven’t been able to keep up with the frequency of posts to maintain an audience. I’m working hard to change this now.

In 2015, I founded a startup, and joined the Ignite Accelerator in Newcastle upon Tyne. Among many things we were taught, of which there were many common sense things about doing business we all tend to forget when trying to grow or scale, we were told about the importance of keeping mentors and investors up to date with our KPIs and cultural goings on.

So, I turned my hand to writing. Each week, I would send an overview and commentary of where we had got to, along with links to things that I found both interesting and relevant to the business, and tried to hang it all together with a candid writing style. And because of my previous music blogging experience, I also used to pull together a playlist of songs which in some way related to the business mood.

It worked. Of all the things we achieved, our email updates are often held up as one of the best communications. And so now, I’m starting them again. Sign up to my mailing list, and every fortnight, I’ll send a digest which contains links to things I’ve found interesting, my thinking at that point of time, and maybe some music.